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Data Is Key To Profitable Trading

If you're a trader using a trading program like NinjaTrader, MTPredictor, Equis MetaStock or one of the many other trading and charting programs on the market, chances are you'd like to have quick and easy access to market price history data for the markets you follow. If you develop and test your own trading systems you need affordable historical price data to properly backtest and evaluate your strategies.

QCollector Delivers

Our QCollector software lets you download all the data you need from the real-time data feed you're already paying for. Save tick, minute bars, daily, weekly or monthly data in ASCII text format or in the widely recognized MetaStock data format.

Setup portfolios of ticker symbols, download your data, and then begin

  • System development, backtesting, and simulation
  • Charting, scanning and technical analysis
  • Developing neural networks or other trading systems

QCollector is very easy to use. You can update all of your data files with just the click of a button. You can even have QCollector update your data files in real-time during the trading session using the real-time updates feature.

Your trading programs can directly access the data files created by QCollector or, in the case of a trading program like NinjaTrader, the data files can be imported into the program database.

Programmers and software developers can check out our Developers Page to find out how customized applications can use the QCollector Data Interface to easily request historical data and even link with QCollector to have the application update with quotes while QCollector is running real-time updates.

We currently have QCollector versions for eSignal, QCharts and DTN IQFeed. See the links in the sidebar on the left to read more and download free trial versions of our software.