Tradeworks Software Partners

eSignal eSignal is an all-in-one trading platform that includes the data, tools and functionality serious individual traders and professionals need to keep them at the top of their game. Fast, reliable, streaming, real-time quotes from not just the U.S. stock market but the world's exchanges, tools to make your picks and strategize your moves, trading integration with a choice of brokers all this in one easy-to-use application.

IQFeed DTN IQFeed provides one of the fastest, most reliable datafeeds available to most industry leading 3rd party software packages, including QCollector Expert for DTN. IQFeed doesn't include any software to display data, it is a datafeed only. All North American exchanges and many international exchanges are supported.

These professional trading programs work with QCollector data:

  • NinjaTrader NinjaTrader is an industry leader in providing solutions for active traders, automated trading, third party developers and brokers. QCollector Expert supports downloading and saving data in a format compatible with NinjaTrader. Tick, minute bars and daily history are all supported. Read more about QCollector and NinjaTrader
  • Altreva Altreva Adaptive Modeler is an application for creating artificial market models for price forecasting of real-world stocks and other securities. Using agent-based technology and evolutionary computing, models evolve incrementally ("walk-forward") while processing real-world market data. During their evolution they generate one-step-ahead price forecasts and trading signals to achieve significant risk-adjusted excess returns.

  • Trading Blox Trading Blox was founded by Professional traders and software developers with a mission to develop a world-class trading simulation platform for serious traders. The company is focused on giving traders the tools necessary to build robust trading systems and have confidence going forward into real trading.

  • TradingSolutions TradingSolutions is a comprehensive financial analysis software package that helps you make better trading decisions by combining traditional technical analysis with state-of-the-art neural network technologies. It has the ability to learn patterns from historical data, allowing you to create highly accurate systems that inform you when to enter and exit positions.

  • MTPredictor MTPredictor™ trading software enables you to find exclusive low risk/high return trades, assess their risk/reward outlook, determine your money management and control your trade management. With both Real-time and End-of-Day capabilities, the software works on futures, equities, forex, mutual funds on worldwide markets. The MTPredictor web site has a page describing how to set up QCollector for MTPredictor EOD v6.0

  • ScanExpert ScanExpert is a standalone scanning/data mining tool for the eSignal platform. With ScanExpert you can sift through large amounts of data to find trading opportunities in realtime. Published by Divergence Software in partnership with Tradeworks Software, ScanExpert can monitor a large basket of securities in conjunction with any number of study formulas on multiple bar intervals.