QCollector Expert
Download QCollector Expert
  • Download and install the program to evaluate it in trial mode before purchasing a license key.
  • Registered users can upgrade QCollector Expert to the latest release with the same setup program.

Free Trial
  • The program will run in free trial mode until a valid license key is installed.
  • There is no time limit while running the program in trial mode. The only restriction in trial mode is that data collection is limited to ten built-in ticker symbols. You can view the free trial mode ticker symbols in the program's Readme.txt file.

Upgrading QCollector Expert
  • To upgrade QCollector Expert to the latest release, simply execute the setup program and make sure you install into the same folder where QCollector Expert is already installed. There is no need to uninstall first.
  • Upgrading to the latest release of QCollector Expert will save your existing portfolio and program settings.

  • A subscription to one of the eSignal or QCharts data packages.
  • The eSignal or QCharts software must be installed before QCollector Expert can download data.

Click to download QCXESetup.exe QCXESetup.exe (3.5 MB)
Version: 4.2.3 Build 38

View the Change Log to see the latest program changes and fixes.

  1. Click on the Download Now button to Open or Save the QCollector Expert setup program. If you choose Open the setup program will start automatically. If you choose Save then you will have to go to the folder where you saved the setup file and open it to install the program.
  2. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to install QCollector Expert.
  3. After the setup program is finished you can start QCollector Expert by double-clicking on the QCollector Expert icon on your Windows desktop.
Getting Started
  • After installing the program new users should go through the Getting Started Guide found under the program's Help menu. This will take you through a quick lesson in how to setup portfolios, add ticker symbols, and download data with QCollector Expert.

  • QCollector Expert requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10. 
  • A subscription to eSignal or any data feed using the eSignal Data Manager such as QCharts or FutureSource Workstation.